Kids get familiar with flora in Dwarka
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Kids get familiar with flora in Dwarka

Students had a splendid experience to spend time with vibrant flowers at the DDA Park, sector 22

Kids get familiar with flora in Dwarka

Dwaeka: A group of 30 students and two teachers, Bhavna Bhardwaj and Nidhi Dhingra, from Sri Venkateshwara School, Sector 18, went on a Nature Appraisal Walk in DDA Park behind Sadbhavna Apartments, Sector 22. The group was warmly greeted by the office bearers of Sukh Dukh Ke Saathi (SDKS), a social organization of seniors, including Cap(rtd). SS Mann, Col(rtd). PC Choudhary and DC Mathur.

The programme began with a brief introduction of the SDKS team, followed by an exchange of information and knowledge between both parties. During the interactive session, the students were able to watch and understand the functioning of a compost pit.

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The SDKS team commended the students' environmental awareness and inquisitiveness and encouraged them to maintain their love and affection towards Mother Nature. At the end of the programme, the office bearers of SDKS expressed their gratitude to Nita Arora, Principal, and presented her with a bouquet of different flowers from the garden as a token of their appreciation for her active participation in the programme. They also thanked PK Datta, a nature enthusiast and activist, for his innovative idea to increase the outreach of parks to more people