Dwarka – the sacred land of Lord Krishna is magnetic with its unexplored mystery
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Dwarka – the sacred land of Lord Krishna is magnetic with its unexplored mystery

The pre historic city is the center of attraction for Indians as well as foreigners.

Dwarka – the sacred land of Lord Krishna is magnetic with its unexplored mystery

Timeless and sacred city Dwarka is situated on the right bank of Gomti River in the state of Gujarat and it is renowned worldwide as the abode of Lord Krishna. This is an eternal place where time is not in motion and our traditions and classic sagas are still alive. People live here with their passionate love for ancient traditions. This remarkable divine city of Dwarka was established by Lord Krishna who came here to settle down after the Kurukshetra war. The city is facing the Arabian Sea where it was submerged once upon a time.
As per the Hindu mythology the ancient Indian city of Dwarka was founded by Lord Krishna who was known to be the redeemer of human civilization. Lord wanted to live in this divine city with peace and love and that is why is beautiful city is known as eternal conurbation. Legends say that the magnificent city was made of gold and it was situated in the middle of sea. There were many doorways or dwars which were connected with bridges to reach the mainland. 

It was mentioned in Shrimad Bhagbatam that Matura was repeatedly getting attacked by the ruler of Magadha Jarasandhra.Then Lord had planned to build up a city totally isolated from the main coastal regions to get rid of attacks. Lord Viswakarma helped him to build up Dwarka. Hindu scriptures say that when Krishna left the Earth to join the spiritual world, the age of Kali or Kaliyug began and unfortunately Dwarka and its inhabitants went underwater and everything was completely lost. But it was believed that  the city remained alive always underwater and real mystery started from there.
It may sound unrealistic but after thousands of years when Archeologists discovered the underwater city near the coast of Dwarka in Gujarat, the city’s existence came into authenticity. There was unquestionable faith from the spiritual point of view that Lord had established his own kingdom during the unknown period of time. As far as reality was concerned it was considered as myths or fairytale only. When the ruins of the lost city was discovered then questions marks got dissolved regarding Lord Krishna and his majestic capital city. Ancient texts were proved to be right with their claims that Lord Krishna was living on this earth. Archeologists and oceanographic studies have cleared that the city actually existed in ancient era.

Ancient Dwarkadhish Temple


When we talk about the divine city Dwarka then we must know about the ancient Dwarkadhish Temple which is completely dedicated to Lord Shri Krishna. This temple is the major attraction of Dwarka and according to traditional tales; the original temple was built over Hari-Griha, the residence of Lord Krishna’s great grandson, King Vajranabha around 2500 years ago. Unfortunately it was destroyed by the invader Mahmud Bagada in 1472. Later on it was again reconstructed by King Jagat Singh Rathore, so it is also called Jagat Mandir. The existing beautiful temple was built in the 15th - 16th century and it stands on a small hill and there are more than 50 steps to enter the temple. The temple has one Garbhagriha and Anatarala or anti chamber. The main deity being worshipped the temple is Lord Vishnu with four arms. Adi Shankaracharya had visited this place and proclaimed it as one of the main places  amongst Char Dham along with Badrinath, Puri and Rameshwaram.