Sharbat - the age old beverage will rejuvenate your spirit with exciting taste
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Sharbat - the age old beverage will rejuvenate your spirit with exciting taste

Tempting appearance and fascinating taste of sharbat will take your heart away

Sharbat - the age old beverage will rejuvenate your spirit with exciting taste

Thousands of years ago when some of the oldest civilizations on earth proffered indulgence in a kind of sweet and enjoyable beverage free from exhilarating ingredients then sharbat or sherbet was introduced to us. Extensively famous as sharbat, this word is a rare combination of Turkish word -serbet, Persian word - sharbat and Arabic word - sharba.  A Persian book of 12th century describes sharbat varieties in ancient Iran. It became popular in the Indian subcontinent when Mughals came to rule. Emperor Babur was fond of drinks made of different fruits. Humayun was also a great enthusiast of sharbat and lots of varieties were invented during his period. Greeting guests with a glass of sharbat is a very well known part of Indian culture and till date it is evident that Indians are proud of their very own beverages.
Different regions of the country welcome their guests and family members with different types of sharbats. For example North Indians prefer Nimbu Pani or Lemon Sharbat, people from Bengal prefer Green Mango Sharbat, South Indians like Nannary Sharbat and in western region Kokum Sharbat is favourite.

There are different types of revitalising beverages that you must try:

Mango and Milk sharbat:

Pulpy juicy mango and milk together can create an awesome taste and this is a very famous yet so easy recipe. Take mango pulp, milk, sugar and ice and blend them together in blender. Pour the thick smooth mixture in a glass and top it with ice cream and dry fruits. You will experience a heavenly taste and it is very healthy as well.

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Aam Panna Sharbat

This is made with green mangoes and spices to give you a refreshing and tangy taste during summer. All you need to have green mangoes, sugar, salt , chat masala, cumin or jeera powder and fresh mint or pudina. First you need to boil mangoes and take out the pulp when fully boiled. Then mix the mango pulp, and all ingredients together and grind them well. Pour the thick mixture in glass and add ice cubes for chilled taste.

Watermelon Sharbat

Watermelon is most favourite with all during the summer season as it fulfils the necessity of water in the body. This fruit can be used to create wonderful sharbat as well. Take watermelon pulp, chilled milk, sugar, vanilla ice cream and red cherries. Mix them in a blender to make smooth blend. Pour in glass and top it with dty fruits like cashews and raisins. Take your long desired sip and bit the heat of summer.

Milk, Honey and Rose sharbat

Milk is the source of calcium and vitamin nutrients and at the same time this is the main ingredient of many delicious recipes. Rose is famous for its mind blowing aroma and honey is full of health benefits. Take milk, fresh cream or malai, strawberry ice cream, fresh strawberries, rose syrup, honey, cashew and almonds and blend them together well in a blender. Pour that mixture in a glass and top it dry fruits. 

Coconut Sharbat 


Coconut sharbat is tasty delight and very famous in every part of the country because of its superb taste. You need to take fresh coconut water or nariyel pani, grated raw coconut, sugar, malai or fresh cream and blend them well in a blender and it will turn into a thick mixture. Pour the tasty mix in a glass and garnish with grated coconut. You will experience a tremendous tasty sharbat with every sip.

Badam milk Sharbat 

Badam and milk together make a very healthy combination with excellent taste. Take Peanuts, Almond and cashew together in equal quantity, milk, fresh cream or malai, sugar and vanilla ice cream. Grind nuts well in grinder and then blend with other ingredients. Pour in glass and top if with ice for great taste.

Gur ki Sharbat 

Gur ki sharbat is a plain mixture of jaggery or gur with water. Gur is known to have properties that replenish the lost energy of our body. You need to take some amount of gur, water, black salt, cumin powder, lemon juice and chat masala for great flavor and wonderful taste. You can use a blender for mixing it well. This is very famous during Ramadan.

Sattu Sharbat 

Pure health and taste will come together with sattu sharbat. A very low cost yet extremely healthy drink which will regenerate the body. You need to have roasted gram flour or sattu and gur or jaggery, and black salt and chat masala. Blend all the ingredients with water and add some ice cubes for taste. You may also try another process. Take sattu, black salt, lemon juice, minced onions, crushed pudina and chat masala, then blend the ingredients well with water. Pour in glass and add ice cubes for a great flavorsome experience.