Finding Harmony: Community Music Groups Thrive in Dwarka
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Finding Harmony: Community Music Groups Thrive in Dwarka

Community music groups have become a popular trend in Dwarka, with classical and filmy music groups

Finding Harmony: Community Music Groups Thrive in Dwarka

Dwarka: Community music groups have become a popular trend in Dwarka, with both classical and filmy music groups entertaining the community with their talented singers. Some of the prominent groups include Sur Sangam, Sur Sanjeevani, Dwarka Kala Sargam, Dwarka Beats, and Maitri, who organise musical evenings featuring the members of their groups singing songs of their time, accompanied by musical tracks or live orchestras. These groups not only entertain the community free of charge but also provide platforms for budding playback singers and classical vocalists.

Dr Shailesh Kumar, a renowned classical singer from Dwarka, expressed his happiness over the music groups, saying, "I am pleased to see the passionate singers coming together to celebrate music in Dwarka. This is spreading harmony and creating a bond among the community people."

The music groups consist of both trained and untrained singers, including retired people and senior citizens who enjoy singing songs from movies and ghazals. They perform voluntarily in community halls of societies, with the help of particular RWAs or managements. Sashi Jain, the Secretary of Dwarka Kala Sargam and Dwarka Beats stated, "Dwarka Beats is a five-year-old group dedicated to soliciting social integration through music. Dwarka Kala Sargam is the pioneer musical group of Dwarka, providing a platform for aspiring singers for the last 12 years. It has created a platform for people who have talent but are hesitant to face the public. We do shows in different societies of Dwarka to create a bond among the residents of the society, thereby sowing the seeds of harmony and affection. We do not charge anything but bring people together for music."

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The popularity of these groups has grown so much that the management and RWAs of the societies invite them to perform in their spaces. Ravi Jaitely, the General Secretary of Seniors Hub Dwarka, said, "Such groups are now an integral part of social lives in Dwarka. They entertain us and also give us a chance to interact with others closely through music. Good singers are present in the community. I am quite surprised that people in their seventies and even eighties love singing songs of their time. They sing well and practice for their performances, which is quite inspiring."

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