Journey through Ghum, Batasia and ancient Monastery may hypnotize spectators
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Journey through Ghum, Batasia and ancient Monastery may hypnotize spectators

One of the highest railway tracks will take to the joyride amid the serene nature

Journey through Ghum, Batasia and ancient Monastery may hypnotize spectators

Have you ever wondered that how thrilling it might be when you will be watching the stunning view from one of the topmost points on earth? If you ever acquire the chance to have a glimpse of the Earth from this point then it should be considered as one of the luckiest moments in your life. The excitement will leave you spellbound if you visit the Ghum Railway station which is known to be one of the highest railway stations in the world. This railway station is a part of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway in West Bengal and the altitude of this station is 2,258 meters or 7407 feet. It is the 14th uppermost railway stations in the world and known for its ancient past. It has also been declared as a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Darjeeling Himalayan Railway which is widely known as Toy Train.
The tranquil nature will mesmerize the visitor and it will cordially welcome you with its world famous destinations to visit.


Ghum Monastery

This is one of the oldest Monasteries located in India and it was founded by a Mongolian monk and astrologer Sokpo Sherab Gyatso in the year 1850. This Monastery is also famous as Yiga Choeling Monastery in the Buddhist worldand this place has a 15 feet high Maitreya Buddha statue that captivates the surroundings with its magnificence. This awesome statue of Lord Maitreyi Buddha or the Future Buddha is a very strong source of attraction for the visitors from all over the world. 

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Monk Gyatso was the head of this monastery until 1905. This is a beautifully built Monastery and famous for its attractive artworks called Thangka on the walls, fancy bells, and drums. This monastery is a part of Gelukpa sect of Vajrayana Buddhist which is also known as the yellow hat. 

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The monastery is extremely famous all over the world because of its praiseworthy collection of very rare Buddhist texts of ancient period. This is considered as an exceptional collection of Buddhism surprisingly situated at an altitude of 8,000 ft. There are lots of Tibetan translations of renowned Sanskrit scriptures like, Meghadoot by Kalidasa, Nagamandala by Sriharsa and NyayaKrit by Dharmakriti.  
Instead of its rich ancient past, this Monastery has been facing lots of crisis related to the Monks who handle the administration and finance as well. It has not yet received any kind of grant from the government or from any other source. Currently it is dependent on contributions and donations from the devotees and local community.

Batasia Loop

Batasia Loop means an airy space and it is another destination for the traveler who takes a joyride through the Ghum railway station. After climbing from Siliguri to Ghum, the train starts descending about 1,000 ft to Darjeeling and there is a round slope that has been merged with the lower surface It was so wonderfully designed by the British and this Loop is a twisting railway created to lower the steepness of clamber of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. As the toy train completes the loop, passengers can hardly feel that they have descended 100 feet and this is regarded as one of the greatest engineering accomplishments in the world.

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There is a War Memorial in Batasia Loop in remembrance of the Gorkha soldiers who sacrificed their lives in post independence war in 1947. This loop is attractive because it gives a 360 degree view of Darjeeling town. Visitors will be completely enthralled with the breathtaking views of the Himalayan ranges and extremely large appearance of splendid Kanchenjunga.