Unexplored charms in Tripura are simply mind-blowing
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Unexplored charms in Tripura are simply mind-blowing

Dumboor Lake is inhabited by many species of aquatic flora and wildlife

Unexplored charms in Tripura are simply mind-blowing

Tripura is located in the furthermost part of north eastern region of the country and it is blessed with serenity and picturesque beauty. With quite less number of populations as compared to the other states, Tripura is an attractive destination for the nature lovers. Natives of this state are quite heartwarming and they love to welcome unknown travelers with their humbleness. Discovering the natural gorgeousness of this state will prove to be a lifetime experience for every visitor. The north eastern Indian state is sometimes overshadowed by its more well-known neighbours, such as Assam and Meghalaya. Tripura has its special appeal that needs to be discovered.

The state has a lot to offer tourists looking for unique places to visit, from historic temples to verdant forests. Here are five lesser-known places you should see in Tripura this summer if you're planning a vacation there.


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Unakoti, in the northeastern corner of Tripura, is a little-visited gem that is well worth the trip. About 10 million figures and sculptures carved into the rock at the site have been dated to the 7th to 9th century. Unakoti is best known for its massive rock-cut figure of Lord Shiva, which is said to be the largest of its kind in India. During April, during the celebration of Ashokastami, many Hindus make the journey to Unakoti.

Dumboor Lake

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Dumboor Lake, in Tripura's Gandacherra neighborhood, is a stunning body of water. The lake is a popular destination for picnics, water sports, and fishing due to its picturesque setting within verdant woodlands. The lake is a haven for nature enthusiasts because it is inhabited by many species of aquatic flora and wildlife. Some migrating birds stop by the lake throughout the winter, and you could be lucky enough to see them.

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Neermahal Palace

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The beautiful Neermahal Palace can be found in Melaghar, Tripura, in the center of Rudrasagar Lake. The royal family of Tripura commissioned the construction of this beautiful palace at the turn of the twentieth century. The palace has stunning views of the lake and is surrounded by manicured grounds. To reach the palace, guests must first take a boat ride.

Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary

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Located in the southwestern corner of Tripura, the Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary is a smaller and less well-known sanctuary. Elephants, tigers, leopards, and bison are just some of the animals that call the refuge home. Visitors can explore the sanctuary's deep forests on a vehicle safari or a guided trek, both of which provide excellent opportunities to see the resident species. The Baramura Falls, a favorite picnic location, is one of several stunning waterfalls found within the reserve.

Jampui Hill

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Jampui Hill, in Tripura's northeast, is a beautiful hill station. The hill's pretty cool climate and stunning panoramas make it a popular destination. Some of the greatest oranges in the area come from the orchards atop this hill. The hill's natural beauty can be discovered by taking a hike through the woods, and the region's distinctive culture can be witnessed by visiting one of the local communities.