Delicious and easy sattu recipes to help you go stronger this summer
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Delicious and easy sattu recipes to help you go stronger this summer

Sattu ka sharbat, a traditional beverage is so much refreshing and energizing

Delicious and easy sattu recipes to help you go stronger this summer

Summer heat is rising higher day by day and it is important to go for healthy food that can make you stronger from inside. Our body needs to have a very hard immune system that will help us to endure the exhaustion during this season. Heat wave and dry air may harm the body and it may make us inactive at times. Water level may go down and that is why our body might go dehydrated. So choosing food will play key role to stay fit and active during this period. Sattu is a wonderful ingredient that can help our body to stay strong during this period of time. Sattu is normally made from Bengal gram or Barley and full of carbohydrates, protein, and essential minerals.

Sattu is used to make a variety of food, the most well-known of which are Litti-chokha and Sattu ka paratha. There are three easy ways to prepare Sattu and amazingly these items will help you stay cool this summer:

Sattu ka Sharbat

Sattu ka sharbat, a traditional Indian shake, is a refreshing choice for a summertime beverage. It's a drink that can stand in for a whole meal. It's a lifesaver in the sweltering heat, and it fills you up, too. To make Sattu, simply combine it with cold water and squeeze in some fresh lemon juice. Add some sugar, a pinch of black salt, and some finely chopped onion and chili. Combine them all, and you'll have a refreshing Sattu ka sharbat. It can also be made into a sweet drink by mixing Sattu, water, and jaggery.

Meethi Sattu

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Meethi Sattu, a dish we've enjoyed for breakfast on several occasions, is popular in both Bihari and Bengali households. It's not just a refreshing meal, but also one that will keep you full for hours. It only requires three basic ingredients and five minutes of time. A creamy paste can be made by combining Sathu with water and either sugar or jaggery in a bowl.

Sattu ka Chokha

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Sattu ka Chokha is a side dish best served along with some steamed rice. Making Sattu ka Chokha requires just the right amount of mustard oil. Put some Sattu in a bowl and add enough water so it has the texture of mashed potatoes. The next step is to add in some salt, mustard oil, coarsely chopped onions, and green chilies. This will transform your boring Dal Chawal into a delicious meal.