Stay Cool with These Amazing Summer Gadgets
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Stay Cool with These Amazing Summer Gadgets

The pen-shaped mini fan can give you relief from this hot weather

Stay Cool with These Amazing Summer Gadgets

Summer is here and because of extreme heatwaves, it's challenging to stay cool. We can find some relief in air conditioners, but we can't just sit in one place the whole day. Thus, we need to find some other solution to beat the heat. There are some amazing gadgets and products in the market which help us to stay cool in this hot weather. Here is the list-

Cooling Towel

Credit: Pinterest

The summer heat can be unbearable, but the cooling towel is here to provide instant relief. Simply soak it in cold water and its high-tech evaporator technique will keep you cool. It also comes with a waterproof cover, making it easy to carry everywhere you go.

Cooler with Speaker


This super cool cooler not only keeps your drinks cold, but it also comes with some amazing features. A battery charger, a Bluetooth speaker, and a blender are built into this gadget. Its standard size allows you to take it with you on your trips, and you can play your travel playlist without worrying about your phone's battery.

Pen Shaped Mini Fan

Credit: eBay

This pen-shaped mini fan is perfect for picnics, sports events, and when you're on the go for work or college. With two AA batteries, it can work for almost 8 hours, providing you with much-needed relief in these hot summer months.

Drinking and Misting Bottle

Credit: amazon

Staying hydrated is essential in the summer, and this two-in-one product can help you feel refreshed and hydrated. The mist and sip function makes this bottle unique, allowing you to quickly spray water on your face to cool down and remove dirt and sweat.

Reversible Cooling Headband

Credit: amazon

Replace your cotton scarf with this reversible cooling headband to stay cool and sweat-free outside. Its exclusive automation rapidly absorbs and evaporates sweat to keep you cool, comfortable, and relaxed in the heat. It also comes in four different colours to match your style.

Necklace Fan

Credit: YouTube

This lightweight necklace fan hangs around your neck, and you can adjust it with its flexible body. Set the direction upwards towards your face and beat the heat. It comes with a USB charging facility and buttons to adjust the fan's speed, making it a handy buddy in extreme heat.

Cooling Foam Pillow

Credit: Apricot

Don't let the heat hinder your sleep. This cooling foam pillow is infused with temperature-regulating gel and designed with a hole punch pattern that allows for proper ventilation to disseminate body heat. Its unique features offer a good night's sleep, even on hot summer nights.