Noida Police Gears Up To Discipline Traffic In City
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Noida Police Gears Up To Discipline Traffic In City

The Noida police initiated a campaign to enhance the traffic system

Noida Police Gears Up To Discipline Traffic In City

Noida: City Police Commissioner Laxmi Singh launched a campaign 'DISCIPLINE ON THE ROAD: 1' yesterday to improve the traffic system for the next 15 days. The concerned authorities will take action against those who disobey the traffic rules.

A meeting was held regarding this at the Noida Traffic Police Office. Traffic police personnel have been allotted forty mobile phones, 193 SIM cards, 2 decibel meters, six breath analyzers, 14 loudspeakers, and 100 safety bar torches. In the meeting, discussions were held on different issues.

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 The Deputy Commissioner of Police Traffic has identified important locations that have issues like wrong-side driving, no parking, and illegal parking.

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Senior officials from zones and traffic will also participate from time to time.

For the first time, action through a challan will be taken. violations, and on repeated violations, a challan will be done at increased rates, and vehicles may seize.

Apart from the designated pickup and drop-off points on the expressway, if the vehicle is found parked anywhere else or is unloaded and boarded illegally, it will be seized. Furthermore, a report will be sent, to ARTO for cancellation of the permit in the case of repeated violations against commercial vehicles (such as company and school-operated buses, etc.).