Andhra Street Food That You Must Try On Your Visit
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Andhra Street Food That You Must Try On Your Visit

Egg Bonda is popularly known as egg baji or egg pakora

Andhra Street Food That You Must Try On Your Visit

Andhra Pradesh is famous for its cultural heritage and legacy. Each region of the state offers an abundance of delectable street cuisine options. Therefore, if you are a visitor to this gorgeous state, go for these options:

Ulli Karam Dosa

Credit: Vanita's corner

Ulli translates to "onions," while Karam means "hot/spicy." The primary components of this dish are dried red chilli peppers and shallots. Dosa with cheese shreds, coriander fronds, and freshly made chutney. It is served with traditional coconut chutney.

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Credit: Patel's Delight

Chakodi is a crispy option. This popular Andhra Pradesh street food is prepared with moong dal, rice flour batter, regional spices, cumin seeds, red chilli powder, and sesame seeds, and is available throughout the state.

Tomato Baji

Credit: BetterButter

Tomatoes are dipped in gram flour batter and then deep-fried to create this delicious street cuisine. The tomatoes' flesh is removed by slicing them down the centre. The tomato containers are then filled with a mixture of puffed rice and served with peanuts.

Egg Bonda

Credit: Licious

Egg Bonda is popularly known as egg bajji or egg pakora. This is made by immersing hard-boiled eggs in a batter made from gram flour. It is prepared with abundant regional seasonings and red and green peppers. It is served on a bed of freshly sliced onion, lemon juice, and coriander.

Mirchi Baji

Credit: Vismai Food

Mirchi Baji is an additional well-known street cuisine in Andhra Pradesh. It is a heated, deep-fried pancake. Green chillies coated in gram flour are used to prepare this dish. This dish is served heatedly with tomato sauce and green chutney and is stuffed with a freshly chopped lemon-onion mixture.


Credit: Dassanas veg recipes

This delicious street cuisine is prepared with various spices, rice, and batter made from urad dal. The delicacy is offered with various chutneys, including coconut and tomato. Punugulu can also be prepared with idli or dosa batter leftovers. These are primarily sold at beaches.