Mother's Day 2023: 7 movies to watch with your mom
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Mother's Day 2023: 7 movies to watch with your mom

English Vinglish is popularly known as one of the best Bollywood films ever made about mothers

Mother's Day 2023: 7 movies to watch with your mom

Not every mother wants to go out on mothers day. There are actually a lot of ways to celebrate mother's day in the comfort of your home and one of them is obviously, watching films!  Make your mom take some time out from her busy schedule and watch these incredible movies with her.  Don't worry, these are our special picks for the day -

Little women

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Based on the novel by the same name, the film is a classic. It follows the story of sisters named Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy as they grow up to become women. It also emphasises on the wonderful understanding and bond they share with their mum, Marmee.

Freaky Friday

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This film is classic when it comes to a mother daughter film. The storyline of the movie follows Anna and her mother, who are by mistake swapped and forced to live each other's lives. It was released in 1976 but is still a treat to watch. There is drama, comedy and ofcourse, exploration of a mother daughter relationship.

Baby boom

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Baby boom is one of the nicest films about the transformations a mother goes through after having a child. The story follows an accomplished New York entrepreneur whose life is turned upside down when a relative
passes away and leaves her in charge of a small child. She moves to Vermont after losing her job and leaving her boyfriend and embarks on a sequence of life-changing experiences.

The parents trap

Credit: Disney

If you and your mother haven't seen this film yet, you must do so immediately. The story follows twins Hallie and Annie, who were separated at birth owing to their parents' divorce, and meet each other at a summer camp. It is here that they decide to swap places in order to reconnect with their parents. Sounds fun? Believe us, it's even better when you watch it.

English Vinglish

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While on surface it may look like a film about a woman who can't speak English,but at its core, it's about the struggles of a mother in a family. It reflects how we all don't respect our mothers for something as lame as not being able to speak English. As Shashi, played beautifully by Sridevi embarks on a journey of learning English and discover a confident side of herself, she takes you along on that journey. Mind you, the film will compel you to self reflect on how you treated your mother but believe us, it's a beautiful film.


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Mimi is about a small-town girl who accepts to be a surrogate for a foreign couple so that she can pursue her dream of becoming an actor. She didn't know that the pair will abandon her after knowing about the pregnancy's problems. This film will make you laugh and cry all at the same time.

We are family

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We Are Family is about a divorced couple named Aman and Maya who have to co-parent their three children. When Aman introduces his girlfriend, Shreya, to his children, they dislike her. Maya is also hesitant to let Shreya in her children's life. However, things change when Maya is diagnosed with cancer and it's upon Shreya to take care of the children.