Noida Resident Smriti Accomplishes Her Dream, Secures 4th Rank In UPSC
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Noida Resident Smriti Accomplishes Her Dream, Secures 4th Rank In UPSC

To accomplish this, Smriti made several sacrifices and eliminated all distractions

Noida Resident Smriti Accomplishes Her Dream, Secures 4th Rank In UPSC

Noida: Smriti Mishra, a resident of Sector-41 Block E in Noida, achieved a remarkable feat by securing the fourth rank in the UPSC 2022 examination in the country. It was her dream to become an IAS officer, and after clearing the exam on her third attempt, she realized her long-cherished aspiration. To accomplish this, Smriti made several sacrifices, eliminating all distractions that stood between her and UPSC.

Smriti's academic journey began at St. Clair's School in Agra, where she completed her 10th and high school education. She excelled in her studies and achieved an impressive 96.7 percent in 12th grade, earning recognition in the Agra district. Although originally from Bagbari Gaddi in Prayagraj, Smriti currently resides in Noida with her mother, Anita Mishra, and her brother, Lokesh Mishra. Her father, Raj Kumar Mishra, served as a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in Bareilly.

In 2019, Smriti completed her Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree in Life Science from Miranda House College, University of Delhi, where she secured the second rank in her university. She then pursued her LLB at Delhi University. During her graduation, she started appearing for the UPSC exam, determined to achieve her childhood dream of becoming an IAS officer. After three attempts, she finally emerged victorious.

To fully dedicate herself to UPSC preparations, Smriti distanced herself from social engagements and restricted the use of her mobile phone and laptop to online studies. She refrained from participating in social events, travelling, and even festivals, all in pursuit of her dream. Smriti diligently studied books by various publishers and relied on NCERT books to strengthen her knowledge in different subjects. She also made it a habit to read newspapers regularly to enhance her general knowledge. In her pursuit of becoming an IAS officer, she prioritized crucial issues such as women's empowerment and effective waste management.

Expressing her aspirations for women's progress, Smriti emphasised that it had always been her childhood dream to enter the field of civil services. She drew inspiration from witnessing her father's dedicated work, which gave her immense satisfaction. Smriti advised fellow candidates who were struggling with the examination to maintain a continuous study routine, disregarding the number of hours spent. She emphasized the importance of creating a well-structured timetable and adhering to it while setting clear priorities.

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Raj Kumar Mishra, Smriti's father, who holds the position of Deputy Superintendent of Police in Bareilly, expressed his pride in his daughter's achievement. He revealed that Smriti personally contacted him to share the news, and he commended her for her hard work and determination. Anita Mishra, Smriti's mother, described her daughter as an exceptional student, and securing the fourth position in UPSC was nothing short of a pleasant surprise. The entire family rejoiced in Smriti's success, their happiness knows no bounds.