Mandatory Registration for pet dogs and cats in Noida
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Mandatory Registration for pet dogs and cats in Noida

Registration is done through the NAPR app

Mandatory Registration for pet dogs and cats in Noida

Noida: In a bid to ensure responsible pet ownership and promote the welfare of animals, the Noida Authority has made the registration of dogs and cats mandatory within the city. 

With an aim to target those who have not yet registered their pets, a special drive will be launched on June 1, accompanied by heavy fines for non-compliance. The Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) and Apartment Owners Associations (AOA) have collaborated to compile a comprehensive list of remaining dogs and cats, categorized by sector, to facilitate the registration process. Pet owners are required to utilize the Noida Authority Pet Reg (NAPR) app for the registration procedure.

As of the latest update, a total of 5914 pets have already been registered, including 70 cats. However, despite continuous campaigns and publicity, there is still a significant number of unregistered pets in the city, leading to the implementation of this special drive. 
SP Singh, the Director General of the Noida Authority, expressed concern over pet owners' non-compliance and emphasised the registration process's importance. He stated that the annual registration and renewal fee for both dogs and cats in Noida is set at Rs. 500. 
Notably, there is no fee for the registration of up to 10 indigenous breed dogs per person. Furthermore, registered dogs of indigenous breeds will receive free sterilization and the first round of vaccinations at the Animal Birth Control Campus.

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The conditions for the registration and renewal of pets are as follows:

Each dog must be registered separately.
1.    The Noida Authority reserves the right to approve or reject applications based on merit and demerit.
2.    Renewal of registration will only be granted upon submission of the sterilization and vaccination card for the pet dog.
3.    Applicants will receive an SMS reminder for renewal prior to the completion of the registration period.
4.    The registration will be valid from April 1 to March 31, and renewal must be completed between April 1 and April 30.

It is advised that all pet owners in Noida adhere to these guidelines to ensure compliance with the mandatory registration process and avoid penalties