Noida Authority’s E-Cycle Service Develop Issues Month After Launch
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Noida Authority’s E-Cycle Service Develop Issues Month After Launch

It has been more than a month since the launch of the E-Cycle service

Noida Authority’s E-Cycle Service Develop Issues Month After Launch

Noida: It has been over a month since the launch of the e-cycle service by the Noida Authority. The service is being implemented in two phases, with the second phase yet to begin as the first phase still has some shortcomings that need to be addressed. Turban Mobility has been selected as the operator for the e-cycle service, which was initially launched at 9 locations but is currently being operated at 28 locations instead of the planned 31. Each location has 10 e-cycles available.

Currently, more than 100 e-cycles are being used by commuters every day, with a majority of rides originating from Greno West. The company has stated that after booking, the bikes are picked up and dropped off at Greno West on the days of the ride. The bikes are then brought back to Noida after the ride is completed. However, there have been incidents where the cycles have been tampered with, and the authorities are working to rectify these issues.

To book an e-cycle, commuters can use a mobile app and make digital payments. The rental rates for e-cycles have been fixed at Rs 15 for the first 30 minutes and Rs 1 per minute thereafter. In case of traffic congestion, the fare is reduced to 50 paise per minute. Users are required to pay a deposit of Rs 299 through the app to become an e-cycle user.

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In the first phase, a total of 310 e-cycles are available for riders. These bikes have been booked through the designated app, and Turban Mobility LLP has been selected as the company responsible for the service. The company has recently set up e-charging stations at 25 locations to address the issue of e-cycles running out of charge. When a bike's battery is depleted, an e-charging van arrives to charge the e-cycle on the spot.

The e-cycle service aims to reduce pollution and promote physical activity among users. The maximum speed of the e-cycles is limited to 25 kilometres per hour, and the weight without the battery does not exceed 60 kg. Reflectors are attached to the front and back of the cycles, and the seat can be adjusted. GPS tracking is also installed on the cycles, with a dedicated control room being set up to monitor the service. The Noida Authority has already completed 62 e-cycle racks, each accommodating 10 bicycles, at a cost of approximately 1 million rupees in 2021.