Commuters Exult as E-cycle Service Begins in Noida
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Commuters Exult as E-cycle Service Begins in Noida

E-Cycle Service Launched in City by Turban Mobility to reduce the carbon radiation

Commuters Exult as E-cycle Service Begins in Noida

NOIDA: E-cycle service had been started in Noida from Tuesday. On the first day, the e-cycle service, operated by Turban Mobility, commenced at nine places including sector-21A Stadium, sector-29 Ganga Shopping Complex, sector-29 Brahmaputra Market, sector-125 Amity University, sector-77, sector-39, sector-78 and other places.

The service had been extended to 20 places in Noida. Despite a technical difficulty in the e-cycle booking app on the very first day, there were 82 bookings. To resolve the technical snag, the consumers downloaded the app through a QR code by visiting the e-cycle webpage. The payment was made digitally and the concerned authority assured that this problem would be resolved within 2-3 days. 

To avail of the e-cycle service, Rs 299 should be deposited as security money. After depositing the particular amount a cycle could be rented out for 30 minutes against a payment of Rs.15/- as rent. If it takes longer than this, extra charge of Re 1 per minute should be levied. If stuck in traffic jam, extra charge of 50 paisa per minute should be paid.

These cycles will save 1125 tons of carbon radiation annually. 10 e-cycles will be available from each dock station. This scheme will run on the PPP model. To defray the expenses, the company can advertise itself on 50 square feet at the dock station.

Anuraj Srivastava, the CEO of E-cycle Turban Mobility said, “Rs 999 is being charged for making a monthly pass. About 50 people have contacted for this. Monthly pass takers will not have to take extra time and stress off jams etc. For this, they will get unlimited time. Due to this, there will be additional benefits along with saving money.”

He further informed that people need to touch the help button in the app when the battery capacity of the cycle would get over or in case of any technical fault on the way. The mobile charging van of the agency would reach out to the location. This mobile van has been prepared by the authority.