PHOTO KATHA: Can you spot the signs in GreNo?
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PHOTO KATHA: Can you spot the signs in GreNo?

With most signboards damaged, hidden or dismantled, it is easy to get lost in one of the 'fastest-growing cities' in Uttar Pradesh.

PHOTO KATHA: Can you spot the signs in GreNo?

If you are one of those who have never used Google Maps, one trip to Greater Noida is bound to change that. It's not like there are no signboards around, there are lots. But some on the ground in pieces, some hidden behind trees and some with chunks of information missing. You might manage to reach your destination or get out of the city with the help of passers-by in the morning, but at night, even that's not an option.

Although one of the fastest-growing cities in Uttar Pradesh, its direction signboards look the other way. This way the city’s growth is sure to take some time before it gets anywhere.

Here, this is what we are talking about:


This signboard on the way to Pari Chowk has chunks missing. If you are not familiar with the area, you are sure to lose your way


Are people supposed to get down from their cars, pull down the branches and read the signboard?


That's not a signboard on the way to Media village — it's the remains of one


Some drivers have to stop near the signboards to take a closer look


Yet another signboard peeking out from behind trees. Take a left for Agra, then go straight and take a right again. That’s what the board says. But which way is Delhi?