These kids can give models a run for their money
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These kids can give models a run for their money

There were no stilettos or fashionable scowls at this fashion show. Instead, models held their mother's hand and toddled down the ramp. Here's a glimpse into the baby show organised at Sector 19, Noida.

These kids can give models a run for their money

There was anticipation in the air as the crowd waited for the show to begin. The stage was set for the first model to appear. 

The crowd went into raptures when it caught her first glimpse. 

She was holding her mommy's hand as she walked down the ramp. And she had a thumb in her mouth.

Runway Kids, a baby show organised yesterday by Rayz International School in Sector 19, Noida, saw models aged between 4 and 8 hit the catwalk with elan — and killing us with cuteness. The audience mainly consisted of parents and staff members. 

The little 'models' seemed completely at home sashaying down the red ramp, matching their steps to the DJ's beats and flaunting their designer costumes. Judging solely by the expressions on the parents' faces, the event was a success.

Jasmin Kumar, vice-chairperson of the school, said 105 children took part in the baby show.


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