Setting a sparkling example
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Setting a sparkling example

Volunteers of an NGO in Noida have taken on the responsibility to make the city's roads safer by pasting reflective tape on vehicles and dividers.

Setting a sparkling example

If you spot young men running around pasting reflective tape on road dividers and vehicles, especially e-rickshaws, in Noida, don’t mistake them for officials of Noida Authority or any other civic agency.  

These are volunteers of Jago Bharat, Noida, an NGO dedicated to social and humanitarian causes. Pasting of reflection tape all over the city is part of a road-safety initiative Jago Bharat has embarked upon recently.

The voluntary organisation is confident that the measure will go a long way in ensuring safety on the roads.

Speaking to City Spidey, Prashast Tripathi, event coordinator, said, "While driving at night, people may not notice dividers or vehicles. These tape will help them spotting these and avoid accidents.”

Akash, a member of Jago Bharat, said, "While we organise various events, this is one of the most important initiatives so far. If this succeeds in bringing down the city's accident rate, it can be replicated in other cities as well.”