She's quite a gem
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She's quite a gem

Meet Dolly Agnihotri, a jewellery designer from Sector 36, who juggles running a gas agency, working as an active RWA member and being a mother of two teenage daughters, without breaking a sweat.

She's quite a gem

Do you happen to know Dolly Agnihotri from Sector 36, Noida? If you don't, well, you should.

For one, her lavish Christmas and Diwali parties are quite the talk of the town. If you are in her friends' list, you might just bag an invite.

For another, her home, a nest of creativity, is worth taking a dekko. But what's more interesting is that she is a jewellery designer and a restorer, who gives a new lease of life to old pieces. “Many people come to me with their heirloom jewellery, or even old acquisitions that need to be jazzed up for a fresh look. I normally suggest the addition of coloured stones, which gives a completely new perspective to the same piece,” she says.

Jewellery design happened to Agnihotri six years ago, after a chance encounter with a friend who encouraged her to take it up as a profession. Now, with a steady clientele, her diamond and coloured-stone jewellery collections (starting at Rs 10,000) are quite in demand.



But these aren't the only things she does. An active RWA member, she was general-secretary of the Sector 36 RWA for two successive years. During her tenure — and she says this with pride — she got an open drain in front of the main sector road covered. “The days of drain stench are now thankfully over,” says Agnihotri. But her work is not. She now involves herself in developing a playground, and a park for senior citizens in her sector.

Yes, she does love Noida for all its greenery and easy connectivity. And where does this former school teacher and the mother of two teenage daughters go to chill out? The Army Club in Sector 37 and the Golf Club, comes the answer.

And oh yes, amid her hectic schedule, she also finds time to look after the family-owned Agnihotri Gas Agency.

Woman of many talents, isn't she?