Light at the end of the sewage tunnel
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Light at the end of the sewage tunnel

A recent meeting between FedAOA and GDA to address Indirapuram's sewage issues turned out to be quite positive. GDA ordered all broken pipes to be fixed and sewage lines unclogged. Well, better late than never.

Light at the end of the sewage tunnel

Seems like Indirapuram will finally see some headway in its sewage problems.

Almost a month after Allahabad High Court's orders to the GDA to look into Indirapuram's sewage problems, a six-member representative body of FedAOA met Vijay Yadav, Vice-Chairman of GDA, on February 29. It urged him to take speedy action on the choked lines and overflowing sewage in the area. 

The meeting turned out to be quite fruitful, as Yadav ordered officials to replace all broken sewer pipes and clear all choked lines in the area. 

"We received a positive response from the GDA this time," said Anil Sharma, a resident of Indirapuram and part of the team that visited Yadav. "We are hoping our sewage woes will be resolved soon."

The FedAOA also requested the GDA to first carry out a thorough inspection of the sewer lines using robotic cameras. It added that laying larger sewer lines and installing additional sewage pumping stations would help in the long term.

"Combining new technology with good municipal work will definitely yield better results," said Alok Kumar, President of FedAOA.

Yadav, on his part, assured FedAOA that along with fixing the sewage issue, the GDA would also organise workshops on how to use robotic cameras.

Now that was quite a positive turn.