What's troubling Sector 15A? Find out.
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What's troubling Sector 15A? Find out.

Members of the Sector 15A RWA met FONRWA to discuss neighbourhood issues Noida Authority is yet to act on.

What's troubling Sector 15A? Find out.

Sector 15A  in Noida may be an upscale neighbourhood, but that doesn't mean this housing hub of bureaucrats, industrial tycoons, legal eagles and corporate hot shots doesn't have its set of problems.

With Noida Authority yet to act on its complaints, the sector's RWA President Inderjit Sial and General Secretary Ashok Chaturvedi met Federation of Noida RWAs (FONRWA) with a list of grievances. Of course, FONRWA president NP Singh, gave them a patient hearing. "We will take these up with the Authority," he said.

The niggling 4:

1. Low boundary wall: The height of the Sector 15A boundary wall, adjacent to the Shahdara drain, has long been a security concern for residents. The RWA insists on the height being increased to prevent intruders from entering the sector.

2. Faded paint on speed breakers: The paint on several speed breakers in the sector has faded away and is barely visible. It is tough for vehicles to spot these bumps, leading to unpleasant rides. The RWA wants the speed breakers to be repainted.

3. Level of road raised too high: The main road of the sector was recently re-laid, resulting in the road and the footpath being on the same level. The RWA demands the footpath be raised for pedestrian safety.

4. Underpass on the Expressway: An underpass on the Expressway leading to the sector's entry will avert accidents. Traffic movement to and from the sector remains hazardous in its absence. "The demand for an underpass was sanctioned by the Authority. However, it's been six months and work on it is yet to start," said Chaturvedi, the sector's general secretary.