I'puram: Rail Vihar flat robbed of valuables worth Rs 5 lakh
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I'puram: Rail Vihar flat robbed of valuables worth Rs 5 lakh

The family was away on a trip to Jaipur when the thieves broke in and stole jewellery, laptops, watches and cash.

I'puram: Rail Vihar flat robbed of valuables worth Rs 5 lakh

A flat in Rail Vihar, in Niti Khand of Indirapuram, was robbed of valuables worth Rs 5 lakh on the night of January 27. Four gold rings, two gold bangles, two gold coins, gold earrings, a gold chain, five laptops, four brand-new wrist watches, a pair of silver anklets, along with Rs 90,000 in cash were stolen from the flat.

The ransacked apartment, flat number A-3/3, belongs to Jyoti Sinha and Atul Srivastava. Sinha, a Delhi High Court lawyer and Srivastava, an IT professional and a member of the society's AOA, were away on a trip to jaipur with their two teenage sons, when their flat was robbed.

"Monica, our maid, called me at around 9 am on January 28, informing me she had seen both the wooden and the metal front doors ajar," said Sinha. "She was not aware of the trip, so she had come to work as usual. She told me that the latch was cut open and there was no lock on the door. Smelling a rat, she entered the house and found the house ransacked, cupboards and drawers open, with contents scattered on the floor and the bed. Our bed boxes were open and our suitcases full of woollens, our property documents and the contents of our lockers were scattered all over the place. We later found out that the robbers had also bolted the neighbours' doors when they broke in to our house." 

The family returned home around 3.30 pm on the same day and informed the cops about the incident.

Sinha said they suspected the society guards, as they were the only ones who saw them leave for the trip. Srivastava said the thieves could have entered the society under the guise of inviting residents to an ongoing marriage ceremony in the society. 

When contacted, Pradeep Kumar Tripathi, SO, Indirapuram police station, said, “We are in the process of running a check on criminals involved in similar cases to find some leads. The society's CCTV footages and the neighbour’s camera will also be reviewed.”

Srivastava said the society had been a target for thefts for a long time. “There has been another such burglary around six months back," he said. "We are constantly trying to upgrade the society’s security system but are unable to do so due to shortage of funds.” added Srivastava.