Dwarka: Is it red, is it green, or is it just broken?
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Dwarka: Is it red, is it green, or is it just broken?

Most of Dwarka's traffic lights are either not working, or working intermittently. Sometimes, there are even two opposing traffic lights glowing green. How safe does that make Dwarka's roads?

Dwarka: Is it red, is it green, or is it just broken?

Many of Dwarka's traffic signals are not functioning properly. Residents and social groups have written to the traffic department several times, but nothing has been done to solve the problem.

In several places in the sub-city, such as the intersection of sectors 4 and 5, the chowk near Dwarka International School in Sector 12 and that near Kargil Apartments in Sector 18, the traffic lights either go out sporadically or flicker.

Rejimon CK, an RTI activist, a member of Dwarka Forum and a resident of Nav Sansad Vihar Apartments in Sector 22, said, “About 90 per cent of the traffic signals in the city do not work properly. There are many intersections where you can see that the traffic signals are not functioning. At times, you can also see two opposing traffic lights on green. Such scenarios are dangerous, especially for bikers."

Rejimon blamed the apathy of traffic officials for the problem. "Not even one traffic official understands traffic management," said Rejimon. "There is no action on complaints by residents and commuters in Dwarka. All they are interested in are challans and how they can maximise their own profits, instead of ensuring traffic safety."

According to Dwarka Forum, on their Google group residents of different sectors shared their feedback on the signals and their functioning.

City Spidey learnt that the signal at the crossing of sectors 4 and 5 was not functional on December 7, 2016, and January 10, 12 and 22, 2017. Residents also shared that for the past one month, most of the traffic lights in Dwarka were malfunctioning.

According to an RTI activist, Shobhit Chowhan, “The sub-city has many traffic signals but I've never seen all of them in working condition. The ones that I've noticed not functioning are at the T-point near Radha Swami Satsang in Sector 23, and near the Delhi Jal Board booster pump station in Sector 20. There are many more such signals, but nobody cares. Whenever we complain, the traffic police gives us data on the number of challans it has issued! This is not the way to ensure safety!”

Dwarka Forum has sent a complaint to the Delhi Traffic Police about this. President of Dwarka Forum, Madhuri Varshney, said, “We are waiting for them to take action on our complaint. We hope the traffic police repair and properly manage the signals now. If they don't, we'll have to resort to other means to make our voice heard.”