Essel Towers, Gurgaon: Singles not allowed to mingle!
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Essel Towers, Gurgaon: Singles not allowed to mingle!

The RWA will no longer rent out flats to bachelors, neither will it allow visitors of the opposite sex to visit single tenants. But is this not an infringement of rights, ask angry single tenants.

Essel Towers, Gurgaon: Singles not allowed to mingle!

Essel Towers on MG Road, Gurgaon, had the social media’s attention since last week owing to the controversy over visitors of the opposite sex not being allowed into the apartments of single tenants. The RWA has now finally decided to not rent out flats to bachelors any more.The move came in the wake of several incidents of indiscipline, drunken brawls and assaults, which took place inside the gated complex. In fact, the RWA had to get the police to intervene.

The notice circulated on April 14 read: “Where only girls are staying, boy visitors shall not be allowed; and where boys are staying, girl visitors shall not be allowed." The notice states that the order had been passed by Essel Towers Maintenance Pvt Ltd. The step, according to RWA members, had to be taken keeping in mind the safety and security of residents.

Since the past two years, residents had been complaining to the RWA about regular incidents of indiscipline within the complex, particularly bachelor parties continuing till late into the night.

“Just last week when I requested a youth in his twenties to turn down the music, he began to abuse me and even threatened me,” recounted a senior resident, on condition of anonymity.

“We understand that young people these days need privacy and are fond of partying with friends, but why only after 10 pm! They can always go outside and party — nobody is stopping them. Why do fellow residents have to suffer?” asked Rajeev Sinha, RWA president.

Complicating the situation further, parents of single women staying in the complex have asked the RWA president to not allow any male guest without the consent of the guardian. “Several parents of women staying here on rent called us and supported our decision. We want safety and security of residents staying with us. In a recent incident, a woman was brutally assaulted by her boyfriend at midnight, and only after RWA intervention was the matter sorted out,” recounted Sinha.

The RWA decision has, as expected, not gone down well with the bachelor community. They feel their democratic rights as a citizen have been infringed upon.

The mood was quite clear, in the words of Raj Gopal, 27, who works as a senior analytic with a Gurgaon-based MNC. He claimed, “India is a free country, and adults have the privilege of living life the way they want to, without anyone’s intrusion. Every youngster like me, who stays in a residential society, pays his or her rent with the expectation that he or she will be able to have a healthy social and private life while not crossing the line.”