City Spidey Impact: Sec 137, Noida, will no longer reel from drain stench

By Ramesh Kumar
Photo: Akash Mishra
Posted: May 04, 2017

City Spidey has, yet again, made a difference. Residents of Sector 137, Noida, will finally have some respite from the stench coming from a clogged drain in the area. Noida Authority has assured action within a couple of days.

The assurance came a day after City Spidey reported the matter on May 3.

The report spoke of how the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) had blocked the open drain without prior permission from the Authority. 

Speaking to City Spidey, HS Yadav, chief engineer with the Authority, said that he was aware of the situation and had already directed his juniors to solve the crisis. He said, "Whether the DMRC is responsible or not is not important — what matters is solving the problem."  

However, he declined to comment on whether his office had granted permission to the DMRC for blocking the drain. He said he was "clueless" about it.  

Another officer from Noida Authority called up VK Asthana, the complainant, to inform him that action was being initiated in this regard.


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