What a waste of Ganga jal
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What a waste of Ganga jal

Water pipes burst at several spots in Sec 49, Noida; residents complain of waterlogging on streets and low water pressure at home.

What a waste of Ganga jal

Summers are yet to arrive, but for residents of Sector 49, Noida, water woes have already begun. Ganga water supply pipes have burst at several places, causing water to flow out on to the streets.

Residents said there were at least three such places around the sector where one could spot water going to waste. They also said this was causing a drop in water pressure in their homes. Furthermore, pedestrians were finding it difficult to walk on the streets, as there were muddy potholes and waterlogged areas near the sector's main gate.

According to Hashim Ali, a member of the RWA, this is not a new problem. Earlier, Noida Jal Nigam officials had repaired the damaged pipes, but they held only for a few days. “If the problem is not addressed on time, the stagnant, stinking water could become a major health issue for residents.”

SK Srivastava, section officer of Noida Jal Nigam, told City Spidey that he had taken note of the problem and that it would be solved within a week.