Fix the boundary wall
Fix the boundary wall
Ajay Kushbah
Fix the boundary wall

Fix the boundary wall

Sector Gamma 1 in Greater Noida has a bunch of visitors every morning. And the neighbourhood is not too happy about it.

Stray dogs and cows make their way into the sector every day, thanks to its broken boundary walls and fences. The animals block roads and gates, dirty the sector and on a few occasions have even attacked residents.

A few dogs were taken away by the Greater Noida Authority (GNA), but that hasn’t taken care of the issue.

Ruchi, a resident of the sector, says she is terrified to let her children go out to play because she is scared of them being attacked by the strays.  

Rahul, another resident, says he narrowly escaped being attacked by a cow as he tried to wriggle past a group near the sector gate. He fell from his bike but escaped unhurt, thanks to the prompt intervention of a few residents.

Ilam Singh Nagar, president of the Federation of Greater Noida RWAs (FOGRWA), told City Spidey, “The Authority has to take immediate action to stop stray animals from coming in, and the only way to do that is to fix the broken boundary wall.” 

Rajiv Tyagi, project engineer of the GNA, said repair and rebuilding work was slated to start soon.

However, even as the residents worry about the stray problem, the broken wall points to larger security issues.



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