Small wonders draw for big change at Fresco
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Small wonders draw for big change at Fresco

The RWA held a poster-making competition on waste management as the society strives to become a zero waste community.

Small wonders draw for big change at Fresco

In a bid to improve waste management within the condominium, the RWA of Fresco, Sector 50, Gurgaon, organised a poster-making competition for the children on the subject on May 14.

With a motive to become a “Zero Waste Community,” the event was part of the society’s primary event series in which it has partnered with SAAHAS Zero Waste, a Bangalore-based NGO.

The 32 children who participated highlighted colour-coded bins in their works and conveyed the idea, “Say no to waste.” They also explained the importance of the three bins that are the bedrock of waste management in the posters. 



Speaking to City Spidey, Suneet Makkar, executive member of the RWA, said, “We will ensure Fresco works with other societies towards the cause. These kid volunteers will take the lead in the subsequent weeks to drive this change within our society.”

Fresco RWA has several sub-committees, including one on eco-sustainability. Silpa Sagheer, a member of the eco-sustainability team, said, “It was wonderful watching the little creative minds at work. Considering their awareness about the issue, we can look at a clean, green and zero waste future for Fresco.”  

To boost the children’s morale and generate interest in the environment, Lion’s Club issued certificates to them.