'Gold' rush in Dwarka!
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'Gold' rush in Dwarka!

With the summer in full sway, the dazzling-yellow amaltas and the red-orange gulmohar seems to have taken over the city’s colour palette.

'Gold' rush in Dwarka!

The sub-city is a riot of colours these days. Blooms in different hues of yellow, red, orange, pink — and every shade possible — have overtaken the lanes and roads of Dwarka.

With the summer in full sway, amaltas, gulmohar, olienders, ficus, bougainvillea can be seen everywhere. Though, the yellow amaltas and red-orange gulmohar dominate the city’s colour palette.

Nature lover SS Goel, a resident of IIT Engineers Apartments in Sector 10, said, “It’s a privilege that we live in a sector this beautiful — everywhere you see, there’s bright yellow amaItas. It’s specially pleasant during the morning and evening walks.

The stretch from Godrej Apartments in Sector 10 till the Jain Temple in the same sector has hundreds of amaItas trees. No wonder residents call this stretch the ‘Golden Street’ during summers.

An environment activist and resident of Sector 16, Ramesh Mumukshu, said, "These species will thrive in the kind of soil that Dwarka has. Looking at Dwarka in summers, I do feel that the horticulture department has done a great job. Amaltas and gulmohar flowers have turned the entire city beautiful."

Deputy director of horticulture, Delhi Development Authority, YD Sharma, said, “Definitely amaltas and gulmohar in sectors such as 11,12,22,10 have added a different appeal to the area this summer. And seeing them bloom fills us with greater inspiration to work towards beautifying the city. During monsoons, more such ornamental plants would be planted along all 45-m and 60-m roads in the sub-city. We will also plant flowering trees along the Metro corridor."