MCG to transfer community centre upkeep to RWAs in HUDA sectors

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By City Spidey
Photo: Akash Mishra
Posted: May 19, 2017

The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram has decided to transfer the maintenance of community centers of HUDA sectors to the respective resident welfare associations.

MCG officials said that the initiative is aimed at increasing the involvement of residents in the upkeep of local amenities. Officials also said that they would be providing financial support to the RWAs for covering maintenance charges.

As per officials, the transfer process would commence from July 1. The RWAs of respective areas would have to approach the MCG and sign a memorandum of agreement to accept the responsibility.

Officials said that registered associations of local residents can also approach MCG for taking over maintenance of community centers in villages.

MCG officials added that as per the agreement, a sum of Rs 25,000 would be given to the respective RWA or registered associations as financial assistance on a monthly basis towards electricity, security and sanitation expenses.

The payments made on MCG’s official website www.mcg.gov.in for making reservations in community centres would be transferred to the respective RWA or registered association.

SS Rohilla, MCG spokesperson, said “If an RWA or registered association is found to be misusing the community centre for any purpose other than the sanctions listed under the memorandum of agreement, then the maintenance responsibility will be withdrawn immediately.”

Meanwhile, RWAs have welcomed the move. “We’ve always wanted the RWA to have control of the community centre. The funds and expenditures should be in our control,” said Vinod Tayal, general secretary of DLF Phase II RWA.

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