Ghaziabad: Suspect nabbed by police in alleged patricide case

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Posted: Jun 10, 2017

Ghaziabad police claim to have arrested Dabbu, or Anuj Tyagi, who had allegedly killed his father Ishwar Chand Tyagi, also the father of an IPS officer, Sanjeev Tyagi, today. Ishwar Chand, the deceased, was found with a gunshot wound on his head at his Ghaziabad residence in Raj Nagar on morning of May 11.

According to the police, Anuj was arrested from the near the home of Rajat Chaudhary, his friend, in Mahrauli, Ghaziabad. On questioning, Anuj told police that it was frustration that forced him to take the drastic step. Anuj was the fourth eldest among the five sons of Ishwar Chand Tyagi. Two of his older brothers Praveen and Kuldeep ran coaching centres in Mumbai. The third brother Sanjeev is an IAS officer, while the fifth and the youngest brother also ran coaching centres in Delhi and Ghaziabad while preparing for competitive exams. Among all the brothers, Anuj was the least successful and had studied till standard XI. He did not have a source of income and was dependant on his father and brothers for his daily expenses.

Anuj told the police that on asking for money, he would receive a meagre amount, which was inadequate for him. According to Anuj’s statement to the police, Anuj discussed the matter with his friends Rajat and Rahul Chaudhary, who suggested killing his father to claim his share of his father’s property. He also said his father conducted pujas with the help of priests to control his mind. Following this, Anuj chalked up a plan to murder his father. According to the plan, he got hold of a 30-bore pistol and bullets from his friends on the evening of May 10 and shot his father on the following morning at around 4.15 am, while he was asleep.

He later escaped in the family-owned Toyota Fortuner and dumped the vehicle near Ghaziabad Railway Station. After that, he booked a cab and fled to Agra. He has been wandering from place to place ever since and had run out of money. He returned to Rajat’s home in Mahrauli this morning to arrange for more money, from where he was arrested.

Speaking to City Spidey, Neeraj Singh, SO, Kavinagar police station, said the police is now looking for Rajat and Rahul Chaudhary, the two friends for abetting him in committing the crime. “Both of them are absconding at the moment but they will be nabbed soon,” Singh added.

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