Ggn: Forget ACs, you may not even have the luxury of a fan for 15 days
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Ggn: Forget ACs, you may not even have the luxury of a fan for 15 days

DHBVN junior engineers have decided to go on strike from tomorrow if their demands with the state government are not met. Which means they won't be working on transformer rectification.

Ggn: Forget ACs, you may not even have the luxury of a fan for 15 days

Gurgaon residents, get ready to suffer the heat without fans or air-conditioners this summer. After June 25, juniour engineers, or JEs, of Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited (DHBVN) in Gurgaon may well go on strike if their demands are not met by the state government. Which means they will not work on rectifying transformers for 15 days.

As a result, residents may be in for a hard time, with countless power cuts in the peak summers. 

Pallavi Mathur, a Sector 22 resident, said, “I dread to think what will happen if the junior engineers decide to go on strike. And that, too, in the middle of June, the hottest month. Already there are so many unplanned power cuts.”

The reaction of a Sector 31 resident was similar. “This is ridiculous,” said  NP Verma. “Why should we suffer because of unresolved issues between the electricity department and the state government?”

On May 27, 65 JEs affiliated with the Haryana State Electricity Board Diploma Engineers' Association had protested claiming that a part of their monthly salaries and retirement funds were being deducted to cover for damages to transformers. This, they say, is not fair. They had given a written notice to former superintendent engineer Naveen Verma that if no action was taken on the decision, they would stop work for 15 days from June 25.

Kapoor Singh, a junior engineer and former president of the association, said, “The committee that was formed to look into the issue could not give us a solution. We are left with no choice.”

And, indeed, the JEs seem determined to stick to their word.

Singh further said, “We met Umesh Agarwal, the local MLA, today. He has assured us of his support. We have given the government notice, but if it does not clear our demands, we will have to go on strike.”

The new superintendent engineer (SE), Anil Goyal, refrained from comment.