Seed balls: The latest in Dwarka's green initiatives
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Seed balls: The latest in Dwarka's green initiatives

Not only did residents sow the seed balls in various green and barren areas of the sub-city, they also made these themselves in a workshop held a week back.

Seed balls: The latest in Dwarka's green initiatives

Seed balls are the new trend in green drives these days, and Dwarka has embraced it with gusto.

Residents of various societies associated with social organisations sowed seed balls in the green and vacant areas in and around Dwarka today. Not only that, they also participated in a seed-ball-making workshop organised by Uttishtha Bharata and Art of Living a week ago.

Social organisations such as the Rise Foundation, Goonj and Art of Living participated in today’s programme. They demonstrated the use of these seed balls, throwing them into the vacant lands of the sub-city, telling those gathered how this could help transform barren lands into lush areas. Interestingly, these seed balls were made by them in the workshop held a week back.

According to Gargi Jaitely, a member of the Awakening social group instrumental in organising the seed-ball-making workshop, and a resident of Philips Towers CGHS in Sector 23, "We want the community to feel they can bring about a change – and that it doesn’t take much. This is a first-of-its-kind event, in which the community actually made the seed balls themselves and were told about how it would benefit the environment."



The seed balls were sowed in areas such as Shahabad Mohammadpur, Bharthal and other areas adjacent to Dwarka.

A social activist and secretary of Rise Foundation, Madhuri Varshney, said about her experience, "Sowing these seed balls was a great experience. Even though I missed the workshop, I participated today to know more about how these can be used to help the environment. We would like to promote such activities in the community."

Munish Kundra, part of the Art of Living and a resident of Brahma Apartments in Sector 7, said, "I used the seed I made last week. It gave me immense satisfaction to know I will be making a difference to society and nature.”

However, such activities are not just limited to Dwarka. Organisers and participants are even planning to take it outside the sub-city. A couple from New Millennium Apartments in Sector 23, Arvind and Anjali Agrawal, also associated with Goonj, said, "We want to promote the use of these seed balls in other areas as well. This trend should be adopted by people."