Mystery surrounds zero-waste management project in Vasundhara

Photo: Nowiknow.com
Posted: Jul 16, 2017

Months after East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) announced with fanfare the starting of a zero-waste management programme, residents of Vasundhara Enclave are still waiting for the project. How could they see the project when local deputy mayor (EDMC) Vipin Singh himself had never heard of the project.

Strangely, the EDMC Commissioner had said was up and running and an NGO was on the job with preparatory work.

EDMC Commissioner Mohanjeet Singh had told City Spidey few weeks ago that an NGO had done survey in the area and the project was to start soon. But no date was finalised. EMC was to supply manpower, equipment and land for setting up the project.

Deputy mayor Vipin Singh on the other hand denied any knowledge of the project and said “we have no idea. I am not aware of such a project. It wasn’t brought before the house or standing committee for discussions.”

On Sunday, residents from different group housing societies in Vasundhara in East Delhi held a meeting to take stock of the progress of the project. “We are still waiting for the project to take off,” said a resident who attended the meeting.

On December 12, 2016 City Spidey had reported that East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) and an NGO were collaborating to start a zero-waste management programme in the locality. It was meant to be a pilot project.

At the Sunday meeting, when asked if the Federation of the housing societies had received any call or recommendation from the civic body on the project, Anil Pandey, the president of the federation declared that “we have no idea at all. So, we have decided to write a letter to EDMC Commissioner and Mayor in this issue.”

When City Spidey contacted the deputy mayor, he said, “I am not aware of the project.”

Earlier, EDMC Commissioner Mohanjeet Singh had told City Spidey that NGO had already completed a survey of the area and that work was to start very soon.

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