CCTV cameras on <i>dhalao</i>s? Residents deem EDMC's plan absurd
CCTV cameras on <i>dhalao</i>s? Residents deem EDMC's plan absurd
Praveen Dwivedi
CCTV cameras on <i>dhalao</i>s? Residents deem EDMC's plan absurd

CCTV cameras on dhalaos? Residents deem EDMC's plan absurd

East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) has planned to instal CCTV cameras on dhalaos to keep track of when garbage is being dumped. According to the corporation, despite the dumpers making two rounds in the mornings, the dhalaos are always full. 

Officials of the corporation said most residents tend to dump garbage after the dumpers are done with their rounds in the mornings. It has also proposed a fine of up to Rs 200 for dumping garbage after 2 pm, which is when the dumpers make their last round for the day.

"When the proposal was first made two and a half years ago, some councillors had raised their objections saying the the waste collection was not frequent enough," said Vikas Pandey, additional commissioner, EDMC. "At present, the dumpers ferry twice a day but there is no improvement in the situation. The new rule will definitely help streamline the problem."

Elaborating on the plan, he said, "If the proposed plan is approved, one CCTV camera will be installed at each garbage dhalao. We have installed CCTV cameras at four dhalaos in different areas on a trial basis."

As per the official data, there are more than 3,000 dhalaos in residential areas and market areas combined. When City Spidey asked Vipin Singh, the EDMC deputy mayor, whether they had the funds required for the installation of CCTV cameras, he said, "At present, EDMC will not be able to bear the costs. We need to discuss this issue in the next meeting."

When City Spidey spoke to RWAs on this issue, they deemed the endeavour useless, saying it was a waste of money. “It will be an extra financial burden. The corporation should instead increase the number of garbage collection trucks and include a round in the evenings," said JP Sharma, president of Vasundhara Enclave CGHS Federation.