Dwarka: Uprooted trees pose danger to commuters
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Dwarka: Uprooted trees pose danger to commuters

Experts opine less area around the base of the trunk leaves little breathing room for the roots, eventually causing the weakened trees to topple.

Dwarka: Uprooted trees pose danger to commuters The uprooted tree near Om Apartments in Sector 14

The trees that have been uprooted in the rains have become a threat to commuters in Dwarka. But the authorities are doing nothing to remove the trees.

Just a couple of weeks back, two trees had been uprooted near Om Apartments in Sector 14 — and they are still there! One tree is, in fact, blocking a turn.

Residents and RWAs of the area said the sharp branches of the uprooted tree have been chopped off, but the tree remains there. They are not sure about who cut down the branches.   

President of Om Apartments, Rakesh Godara, said, "This is dangerous for commuters. We are anxious, and want these trees to be removed as soon as possible."

Several dead trees have also been left lying on the footpaths.

Kritika Sharma, a resident of Sector 5, explained, "Most of the trees have weak roots, and can fall any time, particularly during the rains when the soil becomes soft. I don’t understand why the DDA has not allowed enough space at the base of the trunk for the roots to breathe. These trees become weak and eventually fall.”  

Nature lover NN Singh, also a resident of Sector 11, continued, “Trees tend to incline on the side where roots have been allowed more space. And that side — and the canopy — often face the main road. This can prove fatal for commuters.”

When City Spidey contacted YD Sharma, director of horticulture, DDA, he said, “The uprooted trees will be removed soon. Also, trees inclined towards the main road would be removed. But we have to ask the forest department before this process can start."