MCG to revive five ponds in Gurgaon

By City Spidey
Photo: Team-bhp.com
Posted: Aug 20, 2017

Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) will be working with residents of the city to revive five ponds in  Basai, Sukhrali, Jahajgarh and Samaspur areas to store rain water. The project will start after monsoon ends.

All the storm water drains in the region will be directed towards these ponds, which will not only recharge ground water but also could fight waterlogging in low lying areas.

MCG commissioner V Umashankar, at a workshop on Najafgarh drain, said the project of reviving the ponds needed participation of people for its success. The residents will also be involved to ensure the ponds are maintained well, the commissioner said.

MCG officials said the civic body is also setting up Sewage Treatment Plants to treat the water collected in the ponds and it could be used for domestic purposes.

Senior Delhi government officials assert the need to check flowing of sewage into water bodies. Only then can the treated water be used for domestic purposes.

Urban planning so far has, sadly, not considered proper sewage management and water body maintenance issues with the importance they deserved. Senior officials said that watershed management could ensure water stored in ponds to be used for domestic purposes.

The MCG has drawn up a plan to demolish encroachments that were preventing natural flow of water into drains. There were, at the last count, 38 spots in the city where sewage or encroachments were the problem. These will be addressed on a war footing, a senior MCG official told City Spidey.

Last month, MCG officials demolished encroachments at Gwal Pahari and built a mini sewage plant at the site.


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