The plants in this Dwarka park are now under the care of residents

By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Aug 29, 2017

Green Circle, a Dwarka-based social organisation, carried out a cleaning and tree-planting drive at Park No 7 in Sector 6, behind Diamond Square Apartments and Surya Apartments, over the weekend.

A number of volunteers, including children, women, senior citizens and members of Lioness Club (Patel Nagar), participated in the drive and adopted plants in the park.

Lioness Club adopted a few trees nurtured by Green Circle. “Twenty trees were adopted and 50 trees planted in the park with support from DDA,” said secretary of Green Circle, V Selvarajan.

He added, “We had dug four compost pits last summer to keep dry leaves from being burnt. Unfortunately, the locals are using these pits to throw plastic waste and bottles. We removed all non-biodegradable waste from these pits.”


Secretary of Green Circle, V Selvarajan, writes down the name on a adopted plant


Lioness Club president Madhu Deewan, who is also a resident of Ashoka Enclave in Sector 11, said, “We have joined the efforts of Green Circle in turning this park green again. We have adopted five trees to begin with, and plan to adopt more in future. These trees are protected with tree guards and regularly watered by members of Green Circle.”

Welcoming all volunteers, IM Khanna, vice-chairman of Green Circle, said, “We are happy to see the children doing this work enthusiastically. Green Circle will distribute certificates of merit to them.”

Anil Parashar, joint secretary of Green Circle, said, “Our aim is to work towards a garbage-free and green Dwarka. This is a small beginning, but certainly a positive step. We had cleaned a park last week too. We have also provided masks and gloves for the volunteers.”

It was heartening to see volunteers in their late seventies participating with equal enthusiasm. Bagwan Singh, 78, from Palam Vihar village, was one of them. There was another volunteer from Dhoomra, who was in his eighties.

Arvind Agarwal from Goonj; Satish Sharma, president of Diamond Square Apartments, Sector 6; Monica Miglani, a social worker from Vrindavan Apartments in Sector 6; and SK Malik, a passionate environment activist from Youngster Apartments in Sector 6, were some of the other participants.


Senior citizens share their experiences with the group


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