Jhuggis in GreNo cause disquiet among residents
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Jhuggis in GreNo cause disquiet among residents

Cases of theft are on rise ever since shanties have come up. Since these belong to construction labourers, authority wants builder to act in the matter.

Jhuggis in GreNo cause disquiet among residents A humble jhuggi amidst opulence: The makeshift dwellings instill fear in residents

More than an eye sore, shanties in Delta I, Greater Noida, are a source of insecurity for residents. Their fears are not unfounded as cases of theft have gone up dramatically ever since these hutments have come up.

The residents have written to the CEO of Greater Noida Authority, demanding immediate removal of the jhuggis.

President of Greater Noida Federation of Resident Welfare Association, Elam Singh Nagar, pointed out that a majority of the jhuggis have come up on the green belt of the B-Block of Delta I. He regretted that despite repeated complaint, the authority has not taken steps to remove them.

Rajesh Tiwari, a resident of the sector, told City Spidey that the rain harvesting system is rendered non-functional as the jhuggi dwellers have encroached on water path connecting to the water collection tanks.

Acknowledging the inconvenience caused to the residents, Senior Manager of Greater Noida Authority, Anand Mohan Singh, sought some time to act.

“These jhuggis belong to labourers working on a construction site. A notice has been issued to the builder in this regard. If he does not take appropriate action to dispel the apprehensions of the residents, the authority will get the jhuggis bulldozed,” he assured.