CONRWA demands free parking at commercial institutions
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CONRWA demands free parking at commercial institutions

They wrote to the Noida Authority urging action against those letting out the parking lots to contractors. It is their responsibility to provide parking to visitors.

CONRWA demands free parking at commercial institutions Parking fee: Four-wheelers are charged Rs 40 to Rs 50 at commercial institutions

Perhaps taking a cue from the South Delhi Municipal Committee (SDMC), the Confederation of NCR Resident Welfare Association (CONRWA) approached the Noida Authority for free parking for visitors at commercial institutions.

Months ago, the SDMC had announced that visitors to hospitals, malls and cinema halls in South Delhi cannot be charged for parking their cars at the parking lots.

In a letter to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Noida Authority, Rama Raman, the CONRWA even urged action against the private institutions which let out parking space to private contractors. 

The letter points out that rules of Noida Authority provides certain floor area ratio (FAR) should be given to allottees. It is the responsibility of each allottee to build underground parking facility for visitors. However, it has been observed that contractors of parking lots at these institutions are charging exorbitant amounts from visitors.

Speaking to City Spidey, PS Jain, President of CONRWA, termed parking charge at malls, hospitals and multiplexes as unfair to residents of Noida. It is the responsibility of these institutions to ensure free parking for visitors. Instead, the visitors are being unfairly charged Rs 40 to Rs 50 for parking their four-wheelers.

Jain alleged that while contractors fix and raise parking charges at whim, the Noida Authority looks the other way.

When contacted, parking in-charge of Noida Authority, Harshvardhan Bhadoria, confessed that the authority does not have any control over parking lots of malls, hospitals and multiplexes in Noida.