Dwarka: No liquor or tobacco shops within 100 metres of schools

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Posted: Sep 12, 2017

The torching of a liquor shop in the vicinity of Ryan International School, the site of the gruesome murder of Pradduman Thakur, has again led the residents of Dwarka to question the presence of wine and beer shops within 100 m of schools.

Pradeep Bansal, a social worker and resident of Katyayani Apartments in Sector 6, said, “We did several demonstrations in front of the wine and beer shop at Sector 6 post office market. It's located just in front of Sahara Apartments and near two schools. The wine shop is also setting a bad example for schoolchildren.”

Residents have also protested in front of Sector 3 wine and beer shop, just opposite to the MCD school. A social worker, who was part of the protests, said on condition of anonymity, “The shop is a complete nuisance. Drunk men can be seen loitering near the school. They are a threat to the safety of children going to the school. Many girls in the area have had bad experiences. We managed an order from the administration to shift the shop to an alternative area, but now the matter has reached the court, and the shop continues to be where it is.”

Cigarette vendors within 100 m of schools, too, are a threat to safety and security of children.

SK Singh, a social worker, said, “Such shops attract antisocial elements and drunk men. Students, too, get easy access to cigarettes. This is a serious issue, and must be addressed by the authorities.”

Open consumption of liquor even during daytime in parks and in vacant plots near schools is also a security threat.

A resident of Sector 17, Sitaram Yadav, said, “You can see people drinking in the Sector 14 park behind Nirmal Bhartia School. Also, the road between the park and the school is being used by drug addicts and antisocial elements. You can see open drinking in the parks, and near the Metro mall of Sector 14. These things must be checked by the administration.”

Anybody listening?

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