Vehicles ferrying kids to schools could become death traps, fear parents
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Vehicles ferrying kids to schools could become death traps, fear parents

Rampant violation of traffic rules by drivers of school buses and vans puts children and other commuters at risk on the roads of Dwarka. Strict enforcement of traffic rules is a must for safety; urge citizens.

Vehicles ferrying kids to schools could become death traps, fear parents A school bus openly flouting rules

School buses and vans carrying school children in Dwarka are the worst culprits when it comes to violation of traffic rules, be it driving on the wrong side, jumping traffic signals or parking in no-parking zones. Particularly in the morning hours, after children get dropped at schools, these vehicles can be found violating traffic rules with impunity.

However, even when they are carrying children to schools, the buses hardly bother about traffic signals and it is only the hand of God that is preventing any major mishap that is impending. For sure, traffic signals across the sub-city are prone to accidents.

Some of the vulnerable points are the signals of Sector 13/14, KM Chowk signals, signals near MRV Bus Stand, signals near Dwarka International School and the signals near Dwarka Court. Jumping of traffic signals is rampant at these spots.

Shailesh Kumar, a parent of a child studying in Bal Bharti School and a resident of Sector 6, finds driving his children to school every day a challenging task – given the growing number of traffic rule violators on the road.

“Mostly the school vans violate the traffic rules. They jump the red light and make the area prone to accidents. Several accidents happened in front of me. The lives of children and others too are at risk,” Kumar said adding “Police must strictly regulate traffic or else a ghastly accident can take place any time.”

After the infamous incident of Ryan International School at Gurgaon, parents are particularly anxious about the safety and security of their children in the school and on the roads.

Parents of the subcity unanimously feel that the roads are very unsafe as the vehicles carrying children to school and from schools are driven dangerously.

Anita Mishra a resident of Sector 12 said, “The vans are not up to the mark for transporting children but there is no option and hence we are forced to use them. The Traffic Police must be strict and check whether the vehicles are road worthy at all. The verification of drivers also must be done," she said.