Builder threatens to snap services in Hyde Park if maintenance charges not paid
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Builder threatens to snap services in Hyde Park if maintenance charges not paid

Residents of Hyde Park have threatened to stop paying maintenance charges as the builder has not delivered the facilities that he had promised. The builder hits back with a threat to stop essential services.

Builder threatens to snap services in Hyde Park if maintenance charges not paid The residents in the course of the protest

People of Hyde Park, a residential society in Sector 78, Noida, are embroiled in a tussle with their builder  who is denying the facilities that they have already paid for.

On Sunday, some 100 residents of the complex congregated near the main entrance of the building and shouted slogans against the builder. They alleged that many of the facilities promised to them at the time of flat booking was now being denied.

There is no swimming pool and club house. Both these facilities had been earmarked in the original layout plans. Besides, construction of six more towers has been going on for the last two years, creating much inconveneince for the residents.

Feeling cheated, angry occupants of the Hyde Park flats have threatened to stop payment of maintenance charges for the common areas.

The builder in turn has sent a notice to the residents to cough up the Common Areas Maintenance (CAM) charges before this month end or face a halt in services of electricity, security and house-keeping.

If the residents do not pay up, for sure services will be stopped from next month---these were the brazen words of a  notice issued from the builder.

Tarun Bharadwaj, one of the residents, told City Spidey that  they have been paying CAM charges at the rate of Rs 2.40 per sq feet. But the facilities are yet to be provided in the common areas. "Besides the builder has used substandard materials in the construction that can pose a danger later,” he shared. 

More important, the builder has not allotted basement parking to the residents, for which they have already paid. There are some 1,500 families that have moved in two years ago into 17 towers. Each tower has 80 flats. "Construction work is going on in six more towers, Bharadwaj said.

Undeterred by the builder’s notice, the residents asserted that they will not pay CAM charges until all the facilities are provided as per the agreement. No official from the developer or the maintenance team of the residential society were available for comment, when City Spidey tried to get in touch.