Noida, will you let SPCA down its shutters?
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Noida, will you let SPCA down its shutters?

The hospital-cum-shelter for animals in Sector 94 is failing to meet its daily expenses, as Noida Authority has not disbursed any funds to it in the last four months. Come, this is your chance to help.

Noida, will you let SPCA down its shutters?

The animal hospital-cum-shelter in Sector 94, Noida, previously known as Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), is failing to meet its daily expenses and is on the verge of downing shutters. Why? Noida Authority has not disbursed any funds to it in the past four months.  

The shelter, which has been a home for distressed animals for 12 long years, is unable to pay its staff or carry out its daily chores.

In the words of a staff member, “We have no money for food or medicines for nearly 1,000 animals. We don’t know how the hospital will meet its daily expenses.”

The facility has dogs, birds, horses, bulls, cats — and even langurs and donkeys.

The authority is supposed to disburse Rs 10 lakh every month to the hospital.

The contract between the authority and SPCA ended in June this year, owing to an order issued by the UP government in April. After the scrapping of the contract, all members of the NGO had voluntarily continued to work.

Anjali Sharma, a former SPCA member, told City Spidey, “The staff members have not received any payments in the past three months, and now my friends and I are pitching in.”

Workers at the shelter have complained that they have not been able to buy food, basic medicines and even bandages due to lack of funds. The one ambulance that the shelter has, has not been taken out in the last week because there’s no money for diesel.

According to them, the shelter needs at least Rs 20 lakh every month to run smoothly.

In these difficult times, volunteer Sonia Singh, a Noida resident who has been regularly contributing to the shelter, has held on tight. She said,  "I have been buying necessary things with my money and asking my friends to contribute as well." 

According to SPCA officials, many animals were turned away due to non-availability of medicines.

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