No ownership for horticultural waste in Dwarka
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No ownership for horticultural waste in Dwarka

The municipal corporation is blaming the residential communities for the callous disposal of waste. Ironically they in turn are retaliating by saying there is no proper system to manage such waste.  

No ownership for horticultural waste in Dwarka

Piles of horticultural waste in the sub city of Dwarka make you wonder about the futility of the recent slew of awareness generation campaigns on waste management.

Despite having facilities for disposal along with horticulture waste crusher machines, Dwarka perennially contends with the problem of horticulture waste.

The municipal corporation is therefore putting the blame on the residential communities. Ironically, they in turn are retaliating by saying there is no proper system to manage such waste.  

Blame game over waste collection and management is not new to Dwarka. The waste lying on roads and garbage dumping spots too, are a constant ground for dispute between the DDA and SDMC, with neither taking accountability.

SP Singh, President of Suryodaya Apartments, Sector 12, Pocket 7, says, “The sub city is lacking in terms of management of horticulture waste. Though the issue was raised several times by the residents’ bodies and RWAs in the course of meetings with civic agencies, no substantial or concrete solutions have been devised."

The DDA and municipal corporation had made a commitment to transform horticultural waste to compost. However, there has been no visible progress on this front. Even the elementary earmarking of places for digging composting pits has not been done.   

Infact in March 2016 a circular had been issued by the administration in this regard. Nonetheless there has been no progress.

“The situation is pathetic as there is no management of dry leaves and pruned branches. When we question the corporation they say that they shall not do anything about waste strewn on roadsides as the roads are under the jurisdiction of DDA. Moreover, they say that lifting horticulture waste is not in their jurisdiction as the plants and trees are under DDA .In a nutshell there is a lot of confusion about jurisdiction and total absence of planning and management,” says Srikant Mishra a resident of Om Apartments, Sector 14.

Residents of various sectors and societies have expressed that neither the SDMC nor the DDA is serious about the issue. "I have observed that even the people who sweep the roads or clean vacant plots carelessly dump horticulture waste everywhere. Many a time they burn the waste. Burning horticultural waste is particularly hazardous for the environment. DDA and Municipal Corporation should seriously think about the current issues,” says V Shankar a resident of Sector 3.