Photo: Reena Dhankher
Gurgaon: A service lane or a parking nightmare?

Posted: Oct 26, 2017     By Reena Dhankher

Residents of Suncity Township, La Lagune and Salcon The Verandas, all in Sector 54, Gurgaon, are unable to use their service lane, thanks to illegal parking.

The lane runs parallel to Golf Course Road, from Suncity Township right up to Otis. It is almost always blocked with cars of officegoers, as well as commercially parked vehicles. 

The 2-km stretch has as many as 2,000 vehicles parked on it at any point during peak hours. 

"With cars parked on both sides, only one car can pass through — and sometimes even that gets blocked. This service lane is not meant for parking. Even an ambulance cannot pass through," complained VMK Singh, general secretary of the Suncity Township RWA.

The vehicles are, in fact, parked right up to the community centre of Suncity Township, Singh added.

Kuldeep Kohli, president of La Lagune, said, "One of the main reasons for this mess is the existence of a call centre in Vatika Towers. The cabs are aware of this fact, and hence, stay parked to get trips. Also, people visiting banks and commercial complexes leave their vehicles here. We face a lot of problems entering and getting out of our society.”

City Spidey spoke to Simardeep Singh, DCP traffic. He said, "We have been issuing no-parking challans to offenders, not only on this stretch but in other parts too. If the representatives of residents could meet me, we could work out a more effective solution."

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