Dussehra's gone, but Dwarka's Ravanas have decided to stay
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Dussehra's gone, but Dwarka's Ravanas have decided to stay

It has been more than a month since Ravana Dahan, but the charred structures have not been disposed of yet!

Dussehra's gone, but Dwarka's Ravanas have decided to stay The charred remains of a Ravana effigy near Ispatika Apartments, Sector 4

Ravana Dahan was more than a month back — September 30, to be precise. But the charred structures of the effigies have not been disposed of yet!

One such big skeleton can be seen in the vacant DDA land near Radisson Hotel in Sector 13; a similar sight can be found at the Sector 11 DDA grounds near the sports complex. These are only the big ones we are talking about — small skeletons can be seen lying on the roads and even at dumping spots.


Sector 11 (pic taken on October 5)


The charred structures can be seen on roadsides near Ispatika Apartments in Sector 4; in the garbage dump in the backlane of Sri Vinayak Apartments in Sector 10.

This is civic apathy at its worst!

The municipal corporation, responsible for garbage lifting, is not interested in removing these remains from the roads or the grounds where they were burnt. DDA, on the other hand, seems completely indifferent to the condition of vacant plots across Dwarka.

And here’s what’s funny… Everybody, including the various puja committees, is busy sending “Clean Dwarka” messages.

Jitendra Srivastava, a resident of Sector 13, said, “The message of ‘Clean Dwarka’ had been the rallying theme around which most events were held this festive season. But this negligence shows gross callousness on the part of authorities and even the organisers.”

SP Singh, president of the Sector 12 RWA, Pocket 8, said, “This is really sad! The organisers should have taken the onus of cleaning the grounds after Ravana Dahan. We have to do our bit too. If they don’t care, the authorities will also take it easy, right?”

When City Spidey took up the issue with SDMC deputy commissioner (Najafgarh zone), Sanjeev Kumar, he said the burnt structures would be removed promptly.


Sector 13 pic taken on October 5 (left); pic taken on October 30