Kerala comes alive at Ayyappa puja celebrations in Dwarka
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Kerala comes alive at Ayyappa puja celebrations in Dwarka

For the past 15 years, the Dwarka Malayali Association has been holding the annual Ayyappa puja celebrations, where traditions and culture of Kerala come alive. 

Kerala comes alive at Ayyappa puja celebrations in Dwarka Dancers from Kerala perform Kathakali

Radhika Apartments in Sector 14 of Dwarka became the hub of Ayyappa Puja celebrations today. Keralites from Dwarka and neighbouring areas participated in the puja with great enthusiasm and gaiety.

Organised by the Dwarka Malayali Association, the puja was held at a temple located in Radhika Apartments. Other than religious rituals and prayers, cultural performances were also presented by the youth. Folk and cultural artistes from Kerala presented the traditional Kathakali dance and rendered folk songs. Without any doubt, it was the Kathakali performance that was the highlight of the evening.

No celebration is complete without food.

With celebrations starting at 5 in the morning and continuing till late into night, it was only natural that food formed an important ingredient in the festivities. To round it up, there was a traditional community feast with a delicious spread of Kerala cuisine that almost all the participants enjoyed.

PG Gopinnathan, convenor of the association said, “We have been celebrating this festival for last 15 years in Dwarka. People from all religions, caste and creed participate as one in the festival, without any reservations. This is the best part of our puja and festival that helps us spread the philosophy of living in harmony and peace in the community." 


The Ayyappa Temple


Traditional drummers from Kerala