Gurgaon: Real Vs Digital
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Gurgaon: Real Vs Digital

It is nothing but sheer irony that while a mall has been vandalised in Gurgaon to protest against the release of Padmaavat, people are venting their anger about the  rape of a 22-year-old woman (at gunpoint)  in Sector 56 on social media. 

Gurgaon: Real Vs Digital

The rape of a 22-year-old woman on Sunday night  in Gurgaon's Sector 56 has sparked the ire of the city residents. However, surprisingly the vociferous opinions and comments on the heinous act have  been expressed only on social media. Apparently, there has been no protest outside police stations or the CM's residence demanding for explanations on the unpreparedness of the city in terms of securing the safety of women. 

This seems all the more ironic in light of the recent vandalisation of Raheja Mall by armed miscreants who are protesting the release of  Bhansali's Padmaavat. After all the protest is grounded on the logic (very debatable) that a legendary Rajput queen's honour and dignity have been tampered with.   

One automatically wonders if the honour and dignity of a common woman who is still alive is any less important than the honour and dignity of a mythological or legendary woman ? If not so, why have the right thinking people of Gurgaon not gone beyond their virtual condemnation ?      












The rape took place at around 9 pm on Sunday when the victim, a resident of the Tony South City area, had accompanied her husband and brother-in -law for a family function in Sector 51.  

While returning they had stopped their car near the Business Park of  Sector 56, as her husband wanted to attend to his nature's call. While he was relieving himself, two cars (each with two men) stopped near them and started a conversation. Suddenly one of the accused dragged the victim out and took her behind the nearby bushes and started raping her. In the meantime his three accomplices had stopped her husband and brother-in-law at gunpoint.

All the four accused have been arrested and identified as Deshvir, Dharmender, Pawan and Sanjeet as the victims husband had managed to note down the number of the vehicle while the accused were fleeing after the incident.  The four accused hail from Johalka village near Sohna in Gurgaon.

FIR under IPC sections 376, 323, 506 and 34 have been registered against them.