Will Dwarkaites switch off their water pumps on time or pay the price?
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Will Dwarkaites switch off their water pumps on time or pay the price?

DJB officials too are turning a blind eye and not fixing the ruptured pipelines that are causing puddles on the road.     

Will Dwarkaites switch off their water pumps on time or pay the price? Water overflowing from the tanks is a common sight in DDA pockets

Dwarkaites are becoming utterly callous with their water supply. DJB officials and residents no not seem to care that every day, several million litres of water flow out from the tanks in the residential buildings. All because the water pumping machines are not switched off in time.

In some pockets of DDA, almost half the water supply is wasted on a regular basis. Janta Flats in Sector 16 B and Radhika Apartments at Sector 14, Pocket 1 are becoming infamous for water wastage.

SK Singh, an environment enthusiast from Sector 6, explained, “Normally a tank of 500 litre capacity is filled within 30 minutes with or without a booster. The water supply from the DJB in the morning and evening hours well exceeds an hour. However, residents leave their water motors on for hours leading to overflows and wastages.”

Water in the subcity is being wasted in other ways too. Pipelines often rupture causing puddles on the roads.   

 A resident of Sri Agrasen Apartments in Sector 7, AK Parashar has been following up with the authorities to take some punitive measures on the defaulters. However, according to him there has been no outcome. Talking to City Spidey he said that in Sector 6 and Sector 7 water pipe lines are lying damaged and unnoticed for months. “There is a perennial water log on the road near Kalka Apartments in Sector 6, because of a damaged pipeline. It has been six months now that no one has bothered to repair the rupture. Similar situations exist in various places around Ramphal Chowk and Sector 7.” It is indeed an irony that a sub city like Dwarka, which always faces a water crisis in summers, is so callous about its supply. DJB should definitely undertake some remedial measures. “If the water pumps are not switched off on time and the existing scale of wastage continues, the water crisis in the coming months will be quite grave,” rues a resident.